Quantum Sphere

Album: The Space Adventures of Pyjama Boy (2012)

Song: The Space Adventures of Pyjama Boy

Bitrate: 160kbps

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London based prog trio Quantum Sphere, self produced and released their Debt album 'The Space Adventures of Pyjama Boy' in July of 2011 after only 2 years of their initial formation back in 2009.

The band came to be shortly after Mark Smith (The Drummer) spoke of his will to put together a Planet X/Meshuggah style prog band to Greg Knox (The Bassist), who at the time was a drum student of Marks, Greg immediately thought of guitarist, Joe Pearson (The Guitarist), a friend and member of 2 previous bands that Greg had been in.
Shortly after a phone call and a few emails, The trio has written a few songs ( Space Adventures and Perplexia ) within the space of a few months. Not even 2 years after their first practice sessions the band had a 9 track album recorded, played a few shows, had live visuals for each of the 9 songs and had begun planning their Album Launch Party for 2012.

Described as 'Sci-fi progressive-metal fusion', Quantum Sphere's stye combines groovy rhythms and riffs, progressive leads and synths with soundscape orchestrations and out bursts of massive metal moments, all inspired by science, space, extreme metal and computer game music, all of which is complimented with 9 individually crafted visual pieces to add an extra dimension to their live shows.

Quantum Sphere are currently working on new material and planning shows and festivals around the UK and Europe.